About SA Benefit Services

SA Benefit Services executives have more than 60 years of collective stop loss and self-funding experience. We provide stop loss procuring, consulting, and policy services to self-funded groups throughout the United States. Meet our Executive Team!

Stephanie Chtata, MHA, MBA

Founder and President

Stephanie Chtata is President of SA Benefit Services holding MBA and MHA degrees. Prior to founding SA Benefit Services in 2011, Stephanie was employed with TML IEBP in Austin Texas handling their stop loss insurance department. With over twenty five years’ experience in the health insurance and medical stop loss profession, on the broker, TPA, PBM, and claim administration side of the business, Stephanie’s attention to detail and extensive stop loss expertise provides clients the knowledge and options that best suit their particular self-funded plan needs.  Stephanie is known for providing very competitive stop loss options for self-funded entities due to her strong negotiating experience.

Adil Chtata

Co-Founder and COO

Adil Chtata is co-founder and COO at SA Benefit Services, holding a Business Management degree. Previously, Adil was employed in the oil and gas industry for over fifteen years. Adil brings Premium, Billing, Account Management, and operations experience to SA Benefit Services.


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